Favorite Moments
We played probably far too much Arma 2 Epoch. Here are some of my favorite moments:

The firing range (testing some guns out at night after a successful mission).
[Image: A859340289BAC43B138DE0196556C153F1A72754]

Ah, Luphius initiation. A time to sit around the campfire and watch him make a fool of himself (we have have confiscated some drugs just for this event). 

[Image: 477E0C570B4CB8B0D5DD6EE2517E2643B3932240]
[Image: B4C1DAFB7D44AFB5E75C0575A66C692EA3F1FEB4]

Just finished the drawbridge to our island. This was probably the 'prime' of our Arma 2 Epoch Days. Private island, one way in/out, MV-22's and venoms isolated at base. 

[Image: 9DF2F4B911CF622EAA7D6763AE51D5443FDED9C4]

This ladies and gentleman was a 1212m lapua shot

[Image: 9AB1B375ABAC72C628E1B7CE102884DE6C6BAFD4]

Ah yes, the fishing-pole to the death challenge.

[Image: 5980A24A704D626F190236C0728E9B931D3D1AD3]

This brings back some memories. Going way back to when you could tow a vehicle to a vehicle.

[Image: F77C571F4566287810E7E5E809E657E4842D45F9]

That was all she wrote! Hope to catch you guys in some future screen-shots!
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Ah the good old Arma II days, good memories!

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