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Welcome to GIA

Gaming International Association takes the fun in the games you love, and turns them into an opportunity for much more. GIA is a community for team oriented, friendly and mature members who play games like Arma III, Ark: Survival Evolved, Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Minecraft, and more. We are an excellent source for discussion, technical support, live streaming and more. Join our gaming brotherhood of like minded individuals - a fun and safe environment for everyone.

Pixel Perfect

The games we host are on the highest quality servers. Gotta' have that FPS!


Near You

GIA is growing, and we're bringing our comradery to you. Our community is growing faster than you could imagine.



Becoming a member of GIA is easy. Our simple registration system will have you joining discussion and battling your way to 1st before you know it.


Games Galore

We play all sorts games. Tired of only finding communities for League of Legends or Counter Strike? GIA members play all sorts of games, not just the slim few.


Games we play

We are proud to sponsor a number of different games. The list below features our most common played games. Don't see a game you want to compete in? We are always open to suggestions!


Play for Charity

Play For Charity

GIA's second annual Play For Charity event is right around the corner! On December 7th, 2018, our GIA official streamers, alongside our other community members will be gaming non-stop for 24 hours to raise funds for families that are incapable of purchasing gifts for their kids. We are working directly with local organizations to find families that are truly in need, and help give back! Be a part of giving back and donate today!


Watch your favorite streamer game for 24 hours straight! Hillarity is bound to ensue, and it's for a good cause. From Destiny 2, to ARK, to dirty jokes and Discord - it's bound to be a good time! Click the streamer below to view their live feed.


Contact Us

Come join us! Select the forum button to register. Be prepared for great discussion!

In the event that you need to reach us besides the forums, please see the contact information below.

Top Partners

We have these guys to thank for supporting our community! Please take a moment to visit our sponsors' pages and see what they have to offer.

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