The most important thing to GIA is community. Our community can only be the fun and friendly environment that we want it to be,  with some very clearly stated, black and white guidelines. With out further adieu, here are our rules and regulations:


1. Post threads in their respective categories
2. Do not post mature or inappropriate material (risque is okay, but full or partial nudity is not)
3. Threads must have content! No posting blank threads or "spamming"


1. Avatars and signatures must be appropriate (risque is okay, but full or partial nudity is not)
2. No harassment or spamming of PM's
3. Expressing your opinion is fine, but blatant obstruction of admins/moderators/rules is not

Language - This applies on the forum, and in game

1. Keep language clean (Or at least semi-clean, we are all human)
2. No racism (this is a one time warning only that will result in an immediate kick - the next time is ban with zero exceptions. This is something we take extremely serious. This includes explicitly the "N" word and any hazing). 
3. If you think you probably shouldn't say it, don't

Remember, when you are in game (even other servers) you are representing GIA as a whole. We are a gaming community for all ages, and it is our job to ensure that this is a comfortable, fun environment for everyone. On thing in specific that I'd like to talk about is cross-server rules. Although servers we play on might have different rules and regulations, it is our job as a community to uphold our image. For example, if word spreads of a GIA user making racist remarks on other servers, he will be put on immediate "probation" if not a perma-pan (again, this is something we take very seriously). 

One thing I would like to take a moment to point out: We do our best to make our rules very very black and white. You should never receive a ban with out an explicit warning. However, there are some extreme cases where it is up to our admins and moderators to "use their best discretion". Please, do not be a poison to our community - people who are repeatedly warned, would be subject to review. Our moderation team works on a "point" system - after enough points you can still receive a kick/temp ban. 

GIA was made to be a community for "cool dudes" to be able to come together and always find a member/friend to join them in game. Let's continue to keep it that way!
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