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So I figured I'd put some info here about this game, and try to get some people interested in it. 
First and foremost, this game hasn't come out yet, nor is it in any type of early access, it's essentially a game not even in Alpha, and in May it will be starting its Kickstarter. That said, the ideas behind it seem pretty amazing.
 Essentially it is a mmorpg, but instead of a subscription you pay for a life, and instead of a game where you keep playing and leveling, you slowly age. You live out a life doing whatever it is you want, and then die, rebuy a life, and start again, trying out new things, being greater then before, and essentially living out a fantasy life. Think of a medieval game where all the players add to the story, the King of a land in this game will be a player, the blacksmith will be a player, and so on. Basically it's a hardcore roleplaying game without much magic. It seems, at least to me amazing.
That said however, I'm not a people person, nor am I a salesmen so I'm not going to bother writing up a sales pitch to anyone reading this. Instead, I'm linking the website for Chronicles of Elyria, and it's facebook page. I highly recommend checking out the screenshots/videos of it, and just reading the forums. Hopefully it interests you enough to keep an eye out on it, and hopefully the developers aren't total flops and make the game all it's promised to be.  Heart

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I think this looks really cool and has great potential. We will see! Bilbo, go ahead and sticky this post.
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