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Hey guys, I need a new headset and I'm having trouble making up my mind. Budget isn't really that big of a deal. Nothing +$150
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Hey Ben! Good question. I was recently on the hunt myself. Nadroj51590 has some really good information and helped me out a lot too. From my experience, if you're looking in the 100$+ range, you're usually better off getting a set of quality headphones, and getting a separate mic (if it doesn't come with one). It's a little extra work, but the quality is definitely worth it. For example, while Turtle Beach headphones are not "bad" they certainly are not $100 quality - especially compared to brands like AudioTechnica, Senheiser, and others. I'll try go find some specific examples for you in a bit, but basically look for quality headphones, then look for a mic would be my suggestion. To help narrow down the search, would you mind having open back, or are you only wanting closed back?
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The problem you'll find looking for headsets is there's not too much high quality variety, and most headsets are lacking in quality somewhere. If you're planning on using them both as a headset and as a pair of headphones, your best price/performance will probably come from buying a good quality pair of headphones and a separate mic. You can either get a desktop mic (tons of options and I haven't researched it very much) or you can get a clip on boom mic. I use a modmic, and it's great, but they have gone way up in price in recent years.

As far as brands go, the people who make the best headphones usually have a small headset line too and will give you the best audio quality. Some of my go to brands are Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Beyerdynamic, and V-Moda. I have a pair of Sennheiser HD598 for a pair of open back headphones (sounds like the audio is live but you can hear everything around you and the people around you can hear what you're listening to) and I have a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50 for a pair of closed back headphones (sounds like you're listening in a room but blocks sound going both in and out). I love both of my headphones and would highly recommend either if you go for separate headphones and mic. The HD598 can be grabbed on sale for about $120, but you can also get the HD558 which is only slightly lower quality for under $100. The ATH-M50 can be found for $120 pretty easily and will sometimes drop down to around $100 on sale. V-Moda makes a good pair of closed back headphones with their Crossfade, and Beyerdynamic makes a good pair of closed back with their DT770, but both of those can be a little expensive if you're planning to add the expense of a mic.

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