Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Tournament
I need a collective vote by today for the Playerunknown's Battlegrounds tournament. Here's how it will work: Starting Friday evening through Sunday evening any registered GIA members can send me or @moderator a screenshot of the 1st place win message. See below for screenshot instructions. While not required, it is encouraged to donate to the prize pool here Whoever has the most wins by Sunday evening will win a Steam gift card for the value of the prize pool. The winner will be announced Monday. You are free to play in squads, doubles, or solo. A win is a win. If there is a tie the prize pool value will be split among players. We will need at least ten participants to make this worth while. Please format the screenshot entries like so:
@moderator PUBG win DD/Time LINK


@moderator PUBG win Friday/8:43pm PST http://blablablasteam/

Please so not direct message these messages. Put them in a lobby

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